HOTTAKE: My #2 favorite (current) DCEU movie CAU: 1.5 (the bartender had a heavy hand on the vino) So Guardians of the Galaxy was like if you took a man-child and made him into a hero. This is like if you took a man-college-meathead and made him into a king. A couple of fun, slightly... Continue Reading →

Taylor Swift Reputation Tour: Review

HOTTAKE: Fun show but felt a little inauthentic. It was definitely fun. The stage and sets were a full tilt spectacle! She sang well, she looked amazeballs, she talked a little too much, and bless her soul, despite her best efforts, she dances like a cardboard cut out. I’m sorry Taylor, ya do. And because... Continue Reading →

Haircuts and Emotions with Miley Cyrus

CAU: 0 (damn y'all it only lunchtime...) Not all of us have had second thoughts about our decision to twerk upon Robin Thicke nor sparking a J live on European television. But Miley, when it comes to the aftermath of committing to bangs, we feel you girl... About four years ago I cut off 11 inches of... Continue Reading →

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