Haircuts and Emotions with Miley Cyrus

CAU: 0 (damn y’all it only lunchtime…)

Not all of us have had second thoughts about our decision to twerk upon Robin Thicke nor sparking a J live on European television.

But Miley, when it comes to the aftermath of committing to bangs, we feel you girl…

About four years ago I cut off 11 inches of length and truly almost started crying. Suddenly I was that weirdo who was getting emotional over a haircut. What is that? It should just be hair, but somehow it’s way more.

So heed Miley’s sage-like advice (yes, I just said that) and hold in your heart that your hair will overcome and indeed grow back, like a chestnut phoenix rising from the peroxide.

(Oh yeah and on New Years Eve 2004/05 I let my half-crocked friend cut bangs for me in a bathroom. Because all the best decisions are made at 1am on New Years Eve.)

PS 1: How did she write “bangzzzzzzz” and not “bangzzzzzzzerz”?

PS 2: Is that you Khaleesi Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Mother of Dragons? (I had to Google the spelling of so many of those words.)

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