Hells [Blue] Bells, Can We Talk About ‘Hart of Dixie’?

CAU: Like, an entire bottle of rosé. OMG, homies. I have just binge-watched ALL of Hart of Dixie and it's the sheeze. (Auto-correct just tried to say 'sneeze'.) (Furthermore, I feel like maybe you respect me less for that first line, but frankly my darlings, I don't give a damn.) Okay, I'm willing to admit... Continue Reading →

How to Say “I Love You” in Outlander

CAU: 4 Okay, I've got Outlander beef. Dammit, I don't want it, but I've got it. I'm going to preface this by saying that it comes from a place of love for Outlander on Starz, that's how I got to the books. I love Outlander (books and show) enough to fly 1500 miles to go to... Continue Reading →

New from Outlander Pharmaceuticals

CAU: 0 So the other night I was thinking about my experience at the Outlander PaleyFest panel I went to in LA on March 12th. I was also drinking. Thinking-and-drinking sometimes breeds inspiration for a funny idea, which is what happened that night. At PaleyFest, the Dolby theater was full of titillated women feverish with anticipation... Continue Reading →

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