WTH is this about?

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(Bless your heart for even checking what my page is about.)

Write what you know, that’s what ‘they’ always say. I’d like to be able to say that I have extensive knowledge about theoretical physics or how to build a house, but what I know are movies, TV, and pop culture. In the broad scale of world issues, it’s ridiculous; I am aware. But storytelling is art, so I’m cool with my skillset.

I know that people respond well to a quantifiable rating system (this movie gets x amount of stars, or oriented thumbs, or fingernail clippings) but that’s not part of my deal here, because how am I gonna give Citizen Kane “10 fingernail clippings” and do the same for Anchorman? Answer me that, Rosebud. The point is, it’s difficult to come up with one consistent rating system when the underlying criteria varies so dramatically, so until the people at Rotten Tomatoes finally validate my existence, I’m chucking it.

It’s not all about movies either. If I had to choose between my husband and the TV…well… I’d pick my husband (I’m not a total psychopath) but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t remind him every day that “I gave up television for you…TELEVISION!” It’d be a rough road. Anyway, the point is, I love scripted television. You won’t find me taking about any Housewives here. I like my celebrities famous for something more than having a personal trainer and borderline personality disorder.

My fascination with being told stories through moving pictures does cause my interest to spill over into the lives of (mostly) actors. I’m sorry, actors. I know I’m part of the reason you can’t make a Target run in your sweats and mismatched socks like I do without bringing down the wrath of the fashion police. But my interest obviously outweighs my conscious on the topic. The fact that you tried really REALLY hard to get into a profession that has high exposure as a byproduct helps allay my guilt, that, and you pretty much all could afford to go Debra Winger and start blending into the backdrop.

I may sometimes be pithy, but I’ll always try to not hide behind my keyboard thus only saying things I would say to your face…if I were feeling ballsy, or two-glasses-of-wineish.  I’m often two-glasses-of-wineish. It’s best if I try not to blog if I’ve finished off the bottle, but sometimes that shit’s gonna happen. Oh yeah, and so is swearing. And sometimes I might just talk about something obscure for no reason at all, cause it’s my bloggy and I’ll do what I want to. So, that’s what this is about.

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