HOTTAKE: My #2 favorite (current) DCEU movie

CAU: 1.5 (the bartender had a heavy hand on the vino)

So Guardians of the Galaxy was like if you took a man-child and made him into a hero. This is like if you took a man-college-meathead and made him into a king.

A couple of fun, slightly unpredictable moments, but not many. We know how pretty much every plot point is gonna go here, but if you can accept that, you can enjoy the visual ride. And a lot of shirtless Jason Momoa. Praise Poseidon!

There were several nit-picky things that kinda take you out of the movie, like, we’ve seen how incredibly fast Atlanteans can swim, why would they ever need an underwater vehicle? And if only “high-borns” can breathe air, what’s up with all the trench people? And any water touching underwater lava would instantly turn to steam. That’s just logic.

Anyway, I had a good time, and never looked at my watch, but with the exception of Wonder Woman, DC still has yet to catch Marvel’s lightening in a bottle.

But Jason Momoa. Hellooooo Nurse!

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