I Feel Pretty: First Movie Pass Use

CAU: 3 (Pinoooooot Noooooir) Hot Take: Yeah, okay. Good effort. (Sincerely, not snarky.) https://youtu.be/cVx9EFK3DWE I saw “I Feel Pretty” tonight, on a Monday, by myself because one of my girlfriends already saw it (by herself) and my husband took a pass, which was probably for the best. The major takeaway from this movie was that... Continue Reading →

Who doesn’t love movies!

CAU: 2 Besides Anna Kendrick's character in Pitch Perfect, who doesn't like movies!? I'm just gonna go ahead and see how this all works out. Why not start with a little meta image of a guy in a movie, watching a movie? The late-great Michael Clarke Duncan in Warner Bros./Castle Rock Entertainment's The Green Mile.... Continue Reading →

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