Fifty Shades of Twilight: 50 Ways They’re the Same Story

So the other day a group of my girlfriends were talking about Fifty Shades of Grey (as girlfriends do from time to time and usually it ends up with me going off on how everything in life has become crap since I got the news that Charlie Hunnam dropped out, but anyway). I brought up that... Continue Reading →

Love is Not Love, Which Alters When it Alteration Finds

CAU:4  **SOA SPOILERS ABOUND** Damn if that Shakespeare* couldn't turn a line. I guess Sutter, Collins, and Lang got that when they scripted the most recent episode of Sons of Anarchy, "One One Six." SIDE NOTE, SIDEBAR, TIMEOUT: With this episode I had one of those glorious moments in life when you happen to know something... Continue Reading →

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