Love is Not Love, Which Alters When it Alteration Finds


Damn if that Shakespeare* couldn’t turn a line. I guess Sutter, Collins, and Lang got that when they scripted the most recent episode of Sons of Anarchy, “One One Six.”

SIDE NOTE, SIDEBAR, TIMEOUT: With this episode I had one of those glorious moments in life when you happen to know something that isn’t necessarily mainstream knowledge and can go all pedantic about it. Last spring I happened to get Sonnet 116 assigned to me for linguistic analysis, so I just about jumped off of my couch when it was quoted on SOA.

Not riding bitch anymore?
Not riding bitch anymore?

Anywho, “Sons” is treading right on the razor’s edge where it belongs. I binged the DVDs of season five last week (Hey, I had a lot going on last fall and my DVR ate the back episodes, back off.) so I found myself actively worrying for the soul–I guess you could say–of Jax Teller. After Opie died, we helplessly watched Jax’s downward spiral toward savagery. The one thing that tethered him to the earth was family. Well, in season six, that’s getting fucked right in the ear.

As a gal watching SOA, who’s had love for Jax’s unwavering integrity when it comes to family, I was thrust aback at his hooking up with someone-not-Tara in episode one. Holy shit! I’ve gotta be honest, throughout episode two, I had a definite fuck-you attitude toward Jax. (CAU: 5)

I sincerely hope I get the love back. That said, way to keep we ladies on our toes, Sutter. And bravo on bringing in the new pregnancy plot line. With the universal reverence society has for a pregnancy you’re tapping into a fiery storyline there.

I’m in. I can’t wait to see what Tara will do when she finds out about the hooker hookup. After all, what good does betrayal serve if the betrayed never finds out about it. She’s got one foot out the door, how will she possibly stay?

Alas, that love, so gentle in his view, Should be so tyrannous and rough in proof!

Currently, I’m on Team Tara.


*I was going to put a link in for Shakespeare, but if you’re reading this, in English, and you don’t already know who Shakespeare is, cash in your chips. You’ve failed at the game of life.



My first inclination is to put Jax Teller in here, but frankly, I’m just too mad at him right now. (As I write it, I do realize how pathetic that sounds.) Despite a totally Jax-tion free Season five, (don’t think we didn’t notice, Sutter) in this season his two for two in-bed endeavors have been less than titillating  and really kind of depressing.

So, I’m giving a hand to King Edward of Starz, The White Queen. It’s the classic story of an aristocrat willing to marry beneath himself, despite what the court may say, just to be with the strong woman he loves. That, and looking like Max Irons doesn’t hurt.

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