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Outlander Paley Fest panel 2015
Outlander PaleyFest Panel from the balcony. Where the VIPs sit…obviously/

So the other night I was thinking about my experience at the Outlander PaleyFest panel I went to in LA on March 12th. I was also drinking. Thinking-and-drinking sometimes breeds inspiration for a funny idea, which is what happened that night.

At PaleyFest, the Dolby theater was full of titillated women feverish with anticipation to see their beloved Claire and Jamie in the (unreasonably attractive) flesh. However before the panel, Kristin DosSantos announced that Starz and Ron D. Moore would be generously showing us the first episode of season 1B in its entirety before the panel.

Everyone lost their sheeze! The emotional climate in the theater escalated from excitement to full-tilt frenzy.

I’m not gonna spoil anything for you here, but let’s just say that anyone suffering from Droughtlander will be…ahem…satisfied in the final minutes of the episode. The theater at that time was the most silent it had been all night and I’m pretty sure the humidity in that grand hall went up about ten clicks.

So, as I was drinking and thinking the other night a commercial came on the tv and inspired me. Enjoy.

CAU: Seriously, like 10 (at the time of recording)


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